W/Video: Huffpo: Chicago School Board Votes To Allow 35 Per Classroom, 2,700 Teacher Layoffs Possible

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Despite protests from students, parents and teachers, the Chicago School Board voted unanimously to allow Chicago Public Schools CEO Ron Huberman to make major changes to the system Tuesday.

The board approved Huberman's emergency budget plan, which could lead to 2,700 teacher layoffs and give district officials the power to raise class sizes to up to 35 students.

Before the vote, parents and teachers gathered in the streets--urging the board to vote against the plan. Huberman said he had no other choice, as the plan allows CPS to take out a line of credit of up to $800 million to cover $420 million in late state aid payments this school year. State funding for the next school year is uncertain as well, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

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#1 It would not be a good news

It would not be a good news and surely, the educational system will be affected if things went negatively. - Fred Wehba