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> Bernie needs your help. Flyer for Bernie Chicago, Feb. 17 am

95th Street Red Line Stop, Chicago

Help Bernie Win Illinois!

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Now that Bernie is a proven winner, the next big challenge for him is to become more widely known, particularly in communities that came out big for Obama.
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February 11, 2016 - 2:34pm

PDA-Illinois Terms Current Health Bill, 'A National Error'

PDA-Illinois Demands Truly Universal, Comprehensive, Cost-Effective, Equitable Quality Health Care For All


Under the proposed health insurance reform bills, the American people lose, the corporate world wins. The present bills if passed  create a tax-payer supporter welfare program for the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries.  How did this happen? Through campaign finance donations, lobbying, and revolving-door payoffs.  Here is why we oppose the bills:  Read more »